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Almost Home
I know that you don't care
But I'm still happy you were there,
With an arm wrapped around my waist
As you let my fingers trace
The line of your jaw bone.
I guess it almost felt like home
being alone together.
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Promises Like Your Promises
Promises like your promises,
Your words and how they're framed,
Alluring flickers urging sparks
To stand up and take flame.
Promises like your promises
Start sounding one and the same.
Never reach their real potential,
Leaves disappointment to be gained.
Promises like your promises
Are like lies within your lies,
Smoulder under the surface
As you try to tantalise.
Promises like your promises
A near perfect performance.
The show is over, go on home,
Take with you this distortion.
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Anorexic Escape by TatteredShadows Anorexic Escape :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 1 0 Russian Dancer by TatteredShadows Russian Dancer :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 1 1 umbrella-child Drawing by TatteredShadows umbrella-child Drawing :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 3 0
Faded Rainbow
So now I'm alone,
The rainbows fade,
Turns back to the storms
That always rage
Across this mind that cant keep up,
In the person that always
Seems to have no luck.
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 1 0
Pretty in Ink by TatteredShadows Pretty in Ink :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 1 0
The 6th Session
"I am not sure what to make of your situation." She said.
"Nor am I." I said "But I know that it is confusing, long and complicated."
"It is." She replied. "You should make a list."
"A list?" I asked, unsure of what she meant.
"Yea, a list." She replied.
"Make a list of the pro's and con's of your situation. What is keeping you in the situation? Do you need it, or is it just in your way. Make pro's and con's about why you have it there and why you allow it to stay." She stated, and she nodded once my way.
"Make a list…" I murmered under my breath.
"I don't know if Im ready yet…" I whispered.
"Thats because you already know which list will be longer. You already know what you  are going to have to do about that list. You already know that it is worse for you to keep this situation intact by keeping whats keeping you…. You already know your answer." She replied, smiling sadly from the chair at the other corner of the room.
"I guess I do." I looked from my feet to
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Childish Girls
Childish girls make silly dreams,
Speak of Faeries, wishes, silly things.
Childish girls have childish hearts,
That don't know love or when it starts.
Childish girls have childish minds,
That sees one thing, and to the rest is blind.
Childish girls are full of laughter,
And always dream of Forever and After.
Childish girls are oh so silly,
They hate reality, where life is oh so chilly.
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 0 0
Ink of 'Water Nymph' by TatteredShadows Ink of 'Water Nymph' :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 2 10
Hey, You There..
Hey, you there,
With the bright eyes that
Don't smile along with your lips,
Those lips that can't decide what they want,
Who's voice cannot murmur their choice.
Come back and take away the bricks you placed
And I'll remove mine,
For we are forever disheartened,
And believe ourselves alone
As we wander the same path,
Forever curving back to the start,
With each lap building this wall between us higher,
Blocking out the view of those who are really beside us
And not those whose paths just intertwine ours,
Blocking out the sunshine that keeps our minds straight
And views pleasant.
Hey, you there,
With words so sweet that
Honeysuckles hide in shame,
Come back down your path to where I stay,
To stubborn to move on, continuing this way
Through our circle of motion.
Just take my hand and lead on,
Show me where to go
Because I got lost long way back
And I'm not sure what route is my path.
Hey, you there,
Come back and lift me off the ground,
Hey, you there,
How can you leave what you've just o
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 0 0
My Black Abyss
Lying stock-still in my black abyss,
Hoping my monsters wont find me here,
But they seem to find me at every turn.
Im not safe, I can barely subsist.
Maybe If I stay down this time round,
They will forget that Im here and will turn around
and leave me to the peace that was overdue
All the way back when my emotions withdrew…
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 2 5
Whizkas! Does U Copy?? by TatteredShadows Whizkas! Does U Copy?? :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 1 3
The Land of Nod
The night breathes its air,
The moon glows afar,
The stars draw their labyrinths,
There are no more cars.
The silence stretches on,
The world is asleep.
There's no more need
To count all those sheep.
Lulled to the land of Nod,
Dream of good times to come.
Dissolve all the negatives
So there's not even a crumb.
And whisper goodnight
To the earth that you love,
And hope all the angels
Look down from above.
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 0 0
Your Secret Admirer
Name scrawled on the envelope,
A letter hanging out.
This is for her,
Without a doubt.
The paper is crisp,
Soft to the touch,
Folded in thirds,
They have written much.
The lines are...jumbled,
Showing nerves in each word,
Fighting to lay them out.
To you they sound absurd.
Signed at the end
Not giving too much away,
With "P.S." at the bottom,
Because you've still more to say.
This girl left you breathless,
You can utter not a sound.
Then she smiled and turned away,
Leaving you spellbound.
Your throat has constricted
As if your wearing a choker.
So you send the message on,
"I guess your secret admirer"
:icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 9 4
Random sam by TatteredShadows Random sam :icontatteredshadows:TatteredShadows 2 1



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Niamh H
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United Kingdom
Hi, Im Niamh and I'm from Northern Ireland. Ignore the username, I made it when I thought I was a cool kid.

Every now and again I upload stuff, but not often because I am in university now.

So.. Nice to meet you all! Thanks for stopping by

Current Residence: England


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